Who We Are

Evenroute was born out of the same frustrations most DSL users have, as the founders work from home in rural North Georgia. Trying to leverage all the modern internet-era services, they experienced challenge after challenge. All the neighbors also complained about the problems with their Internet quality, and since our CEO and founder, Jonathan Foulkes, has an extensive technical background, they would ask him for help. After months of researching and testing, Jonathan figured out a way to automatically cure the root cause of much of these users Internet Quality problems and founded EvenRoute in 2015 with a mission to Improve Internet Quality everywhere, first with IQrouter, and then with other innovative home networking and connectivity solutions. 

Evenroute is a rapidly growing company and all our early employees live and deal with challenging connectivity in their homes, so we all know just how hard it is to achieve good Internet Quality, and we are devoted to improving it for you as well.