IPv6 Toggle setting

First, we recommend leaving IPv6 on, as most modern OS’s and devices fully support it. Some OS’s like Windows, have features that depend on IPv6 on the local LAN, so disabling it in the main router could break certain functionality.

Only if something is badly broken on the LAN and can’t be remedied without turning off IPv6, should this option be even considered.

So the primary use of this control to disable IPv6 on the IQrouter WAN and LAN is for testing that there is indeed a problem with configuration or a device. We then recommend you update the problem device or fix the configuration issues and re-enable IPv6.

Once you toggle this on or off, the router will reboot, and you should the reboot ALL other devices on your network to ensure they disable their dual stacks and run on IPv4 (or back to dual stack if enabling).

Sometimes, the issue could be with just the IPv6 provisioning on the WAN. In that case, go to the Status-->WAN Survey page, and disable the WAN interface IPv6 support. Again, this should be very rare.