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This test measures your Internet quality, which is the key to usable internet.
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Typical speed tests measure the capacity of the line, not the quality. But quality is what determines if things actually work. We will test your quality once you start the test.

Too much lag impacts gaming, Skype and real-time applications like Google docs. IQrouter automatically adapts to your line, reducing lag to its minimum.

High latencies kill video or voice chats, prevent pages from loading and interrupt streaming. The IQrouter reduces latencies to ensure everything works smoothly.

Good page load times are dependent on quality as well as speed, a well-managed line can actually load a page faster than a poorly managed faster line. Round Trip Times can be dramatically lower with an IQrouter.

The IQrouter is the first self-configuring, adaptive router that focuses on delivering as high a quality as possible throughout the day. With smooth, responsive performance, your Internet becomes usable!

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