Making the most of your bandwidth with IQrouter

IQrouter is a smart router designed to get you the best Internet Quality possible from your line. It achieves this thanks to its intelligent traffic management that automatically optimizes itself for your specific communication line. Just like with cars traveling across limited capacity bridges, good traffic management ensures that things flow smoothly.  IQrouter smartly manages your data traffic, limiting and prioritizing flows according to the capacity of your line.

The typical ISP-supplied routers just let traffic congest and pile up, which is why most people have poor Internet Quality. Upgrading to an IQrouter will solve that.

Unique Features

Tailored Self-optimization

 IQrouter automatically optimizes itself while taking into account the type of Internet service (DSL, Cable or VDSL2) at your premises, as well as the actual upload and download speeds of that communication line. IQrouter’s intelligent decision-making process sets all the relevant traffic management parameters and then tests those parameters to make sure your Internet Quality grade is an A. The smart traffic-management algorithms dynamically adapt to your traffic, ensuring important information flows smoothly. 

Effective traffic management is the key to achieving high Internet Quality and IQrouter does it out-of-the-box.

Adaptive Quality Schedule

Since many lines vary in speed over time, IQrouter tracks and adapts to the changing profile of your line, always ensuring you have optimum quality. To get a good picture of your line, over a period of two weeks IQrouter regularly checks your quality and sets scheduled changes to the traffic-management settings to ensure you have the highest quality possible regardless of day or time.

At all times, the IQrouter is keeping track of latencies and if they get worse, it dynamically adapts so you get the the best results.


Quality Schedule Monitoring

Internet line settings or ISP capabilities can change over the medium and longer term, so the Quality Schedule Monitoring service continues to monitor and if necessary will adapt the schedule and the settings, all without you having to do a thing.

This protects you from sudden drops in service level from your ISP if they are over-selling in your area, or when your neighbors ditch their cable service and start streaming videos instead. It also catches opportunities to improve if the ISP deploys better infrastructure or if you upgrade your service plan. So regardless of when or how often your line capabilities change, your IQrouter will be delivering the best possible quality from your line at all times.

Line monitoring and alerting

To manage traffic, the IQrouter is constantly evaluating the conditions on the line, and if they vary, not only does it adjust to adapt if it can, it also captures these events so they can be presented in the customer dashboard. If the quantity and frequency of line changes are severe enough, it will also send you an alert email.
The line statistics are an incredibly powerful tool that helps you in discussions with your Internet Service provider, providing proof of line issues.

The ping Statistics let you see how your line performs throughout the day, reporting average and maximum ping times, as well as percent packet loss.


Many people have no idea just how much their line varies until they see the dashboard, and now they can do something about it and quantify the results.

Internet Service-agnostic

IQrouter delivers excellent results for all Internet service types, performing exceptionally well on DSL communication technology due to DSL’s very low upload speeds. In fact, for all communication line types, the more limited your upload bandwidth (available speed), the more you need traffic management. Due to traffic management, speeds are limited to around 250Mbps, so if on fiber or high-speed cable, that's the measurable limit. Whether DSL, Cable or VDSL2, IQrouter automatically adapts its traffic management and improves Internet Quality, taking your grade to an A or A+. Regardless of line speed, low-latencies deliver better performance than raw speed.

WiFi Survey

Many users suffer from poor Wifi performance due to interference from neighboring Access Points, and now the IQrouter allows you to see if there are any conflicts and helps you try to resolve or avoid them with the built-in WiFi survey page. With the scanning happening at the router using its own powerful antennas, you get a much more precise view of the Wifi landscape than mobile based scanners, plus you can actually do something about it with an immediate rescan for a better channel. This allows users to enjoy improved performance through their WiFi connected devices. 


Secure Guest Network

The Guest network is an isolated network with station to station blocking. Meaning, it is a separate subnet that can not reach the main IQrouter LAN network, any device on the Guest network can not see or access other devices on the Guest network. Devices can only access the Internet.

This makes it ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, like smart thermostats and smart bed covers, etc. that exclusively interact with their cloud services. Having them isolated protects you from any of them getting infected and probing your network.

Additionally, the IQrouter firmware is based on current underlying operating system kernels and services, to ensure minimal vulnerability. Regular firmware updates keep it current.

Other features:

  • Simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz with AC support for fast WiFi connections

  • External antennas for great range

  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for fast local transfer speeds

  • WPS button for easy WiFi device enrollment

  • Powerful processor can keep up with a house full of devices

  • Up-to-date security patches

  • Over-the-air firmware updates to stay current

  • Full Tech Specs

Did you know?

Your Skype call will be even better when the other party also has an IQrouter.


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