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Solve your Internet Quality problems now, with the highly rated IQrouter, featuring great WiFi performance including support for 802.11 AC. Works with all Internet technologies*, just connect to your ISPs modem or router.
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IQrouter V2 AC1750
Self-optimizing router



* Sorry satellite data users, the latency of the round-trip to space is not correctable. WISP's and LTE variable latencies are not fully correctable.  High-speed lines over 250Mbps supported, but capped.

Some of our 5-Star Reviews on Amazon:

"It's not just speed. Quality counts too. – I've evaluated & installed many routers & firewalls in my career: I’ve built them from scratch, I’ve troubleshot enterprise systems, and I’ve bought them off the shelf for my home use. I have to say this is the most intelligently thought-out home router I've ever come across. [...]  This router optimizes everything in real time, and I strongly recommend it [...] Oh and this is golden for gamers - if you’re getting fragged because of bufferbloat latency - this is a must." – Le biberon

"Works like a charm – Works like a charm. It will set the ideal speed to work with depending on your modem and infrastructure. Bufferbloat reduced and way better. I think it's worth it if you are having too many issues with other routers, etc." – F. Mata

"Great for VOIP SIP Phones. Support staff is knowledgeable with technical details (no scripted responses). – My ISP is TWC/Charter/Spectrum. Both download and upload speeds fluctuated throughout the day. Cable Internet is notorious for its unstable speed, but you have no other choice. Ping time increased from 30ms to 1300ms or even timeout during speedtest before I installed IQ Router. I have tried other routers with QoS (including DDWRT), but the result is minimal. We had a lot of problems with the VoIP phone system, voice cutting in and out, a lot of statics, and jittery. While I was doing some research, I came across IQ Router. The price is a bit pricy. But due to the review, I decided to give it a try. I didn't regret. From day 1, I noticed the difference. ping time has been under control (< 50ms) during demanding download/upload process. The VoIP phone's voice has been much smoother since then. Recently it turned out I needed to turn off SIG ALG (Application Level Gateway). I emailed their support for help. To my surprise, their support was able to get back to their developer team to obtain a solution for me. Their turnaround time was quick. Support's knowledge is second to none. I highly recommend IQRouter and their support staff." – suntechpc

"IQrouter Makes a significant difference for DSL and other slow connections. – Qrouter Makes a significant difference. I purchased this router after careful consideration and it made a very noticeable improvement in the performance of our DSL connection. We had a 3M/0.5M DSL solution that frankly... sucked. Frequently we would just use MiFi hotspot because it was more reliable. After installing the IQrouter the experience was much smoother. Video streaming (Amazon, Netflix even YouTube) was much better with almost no lag. It was also very easy to setup.
A few months later our provider finally mad a faster DSL available but I don't regret buying the IQrouter. It just smooths the whole connection out makes what is available that much nicer. There is a limit to just how fast a connection can be made but if your under 200Mbps or so it may be worth a look. If your one of those fortunate ones with a 1Gbps connection... This review ain't for you!" – Amazon Customer

"Best router ever! – This is in all seriousness one of the best routers I have ever used and it's all thanks to the amazing software. Evenroute has done an amazing job making a router that is easy to manage and packs powerful features for power users.
Over the years I have spent more money than I care to admit on networking equipment and out of all of the equipment and various open source firmware I have tried, the IQrouter is easily the best!
I would easily recommend this router to anyone, beginner or power user. Keep up the great work Evenroute! You have earned a lifetime customer." – CaseyLStewart-Neal

"I can't say enough good for this modem and the company behind it. – I am on DSL and was using the ISP's all-in-one modem and router. When I ran a speed test on, I was getting an "F" rating for buffer bloat, and a "C" rating for quality. So I bought the IQ Router. After the initial install, my report went to a "C" rating for buffer bloat, and "A" rating for quality. After just a week of the IQ Router running with it's optimization, I went to an "A" rating for buffer bloat - I had "A" ratings across the board. Fantastic!
Their customer service is second to none. During the first install I had a minor problem setting up. I emailed them over Memorial Day weekend about the problem. I fully expected to not hear back from them until the weekend was over (definitely did not expect for anyone to be working over a holiday weekend). To my surprise, I did hear back within a couple hours. At that point it was a matter of a couple back and forth emails, and my problem was corrected. Then last week I upgraded to a faster service with my ISP. That faster service required replacing the modem. When I got the new modem, I went to the IQ Router's setup page for instructions on that particular modem. They did not have instructions for this modem, so I emailed them. They responded immediately with a basic work-around. And then the very next day they sent me real full instructions specific to that modem.
I can't say enough good for this modem and the company behind it." – TX Steve

"Best Router Ever – Unreal. Upgraded my router and the throughput is now 10x what it was yesterday on DSL reports. All my equipment is running faster than ever. I can stream HD from 4 screens at the same time! This router is worth every penny. Buy it, you won't regret it!" – WB

"A Miracle Product for Pokey DSL Connections – The only product that speeds up slow DSL connections --- and continually adapts itself to changing internet speeds, to give you the best possible connection, ALWAYS. In addition, I have found their customer service to be extra-ordinary. This product is a keeper. It's worth every nickel, because faster connections, especially in backwoods areas, will make your internet experience a happier one. You'll love this router. I do." – maryland_journalist

"This is the best router for ANYONE techie or non-techie bar none! It feels like I upgraded to a premium connection package – This is the best router EVER. [...] This is the real deal, buy one for yourself, one for your parents and tell everyone else about how much better your network works." – David

"From D to A+ on Internet Speed Test Website in 15 Minutes – [...] I use a popular speed test website that takes bufferbloat into account, and though my connection speed rated A+ my bufferbloat was D or F. I am technically minded but no coder/modder, so I honestly just wanted an out of box, low-maintenance solution that would fix it. I ordered the IQrouter, it arrived, and within 15 minutes following their super-simple instructions and online menus I had my old router replaced and was through the set-up. Even though the system requires a week or so to fully optimize (must see the pattern of loads to your system and changes to your connection quality over time) I immediately scored an A in bufferbloat and an A+ overall connection score from the same speed test website. Can't really ask for a better outcome than that." – Will

"Smart Router – This is a must have router, it is secure and stable. There is no default password choose your own password and name for your IQ router nice feature. I only have 13.76 Megabit/s download I pay for 15 it never reach the 14 or 15 megabits download and 1.5 or less upload and the bufferbloat is kept at bay, excellent grade A+ to A on the internet speed test." – Mariewing

"FREAKING AWESOME PERFORMANCE!!! – Awesome router and incredible tech support from Sandy at EVENROUTE! YAY SANDY!!! [...] It's hard to believe how well this works, absolutely amazing bandwidth and coverage now... " – M R W

"Well worth it! – Works like a charm and has given me much improved internet service here in the mountains! Would highly recommend to any struggling with slow speeds on TDS." – Unity4All

"Very good router to solve buffer bloat and video stuttering – I replaced a TP-Link Archer D7 with this because I was getting poor performance trying to stream video over a 10mbps DSL line. [...] This has proven to be much more stable and I am getting almost zero buffer bloat now, and haven't had further stuttering problems [...] The router also monitors and adjusts based upon connection conditions, which improves things further. Their tech support is very much above average. I had a problem with the new modem connecting to the DSLAM, and they quickly solved it, even though it was the ISP's equipment problem. Emails to tech support are answered promptly, which is always a pleasant surprise. I recommend this with no reservations." – Moburner

"Greatly Improved Internet Usability – I was very skeptical about this router/modem but the reality is the internet is much more usable than before. I had originally seen an ad on where the Buffer Bloat was consistently getting a failing grade. After installing this solution, it now gets A's. Netflix now streams without stuttering. Latency has dropped dramatically. [...] I will recommend this product to others in the community who are also having problems with their DSL." – Tom P

"Five Stars – The router has done a great job making my internet work really fast!" – Lenore P.

"Great product that I highly recommend for bufferbloat – I don't usually write reviews but I've been struggling with my internet connection for years. [...] noting changed until I discovered my problem was related to bufferbloat according to the DSLReport test. My grades were below E in all areas. I bought an IQrouter and installed it today, it's been maybe 5 hours. I could notice right away a difference. My lowest grade on DSLReport is A [...] I am already blown away. Great product! – Amazon Customer

Warranty information

The product is warranted for 1 year. If the hardware fails, we will replace the unit. Just contact cusomer support.