Quick is better than Fast

Good quality Internet is:

  • Quick to load your page in less time
  • Quick to see video start sooner, and stay running
  • Quick to reflect real-time interactions in web applications

Much of the critical real-world activities on the Internet are much more sensitive to response time than they are to transport speed. Any delay or latency in the many small, frequent data exchanges start to add up to bad user experiences.

Speed tests are really measuring the capacity of the line to carry data, not how responsive it might be, yet responsiveness is critical to most activities.

Even a ‘slow’ line as measured by speed tests can actually perform satisfactorily as long as delays and lag (known as BufferBloat) are minimized and kept consistently low.

Matter of fact, it can be ‘quicker’ to load a page on a 10Mbps DSL line with low latencies than on a 50Mbps cable line with high-latency. 

Certain traffic, like VoIP (Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc.) is very sensitive to latencies, and if there is too much, quality suffers and even calls drop.

Measuring the latency under load is a critical aspect of understanding your internet quality, and fixing the latencies is the key to having consistent, usable internet, regardless of the ‘speed’.

Remember, ISPs sell you based on line capacity or speed, not based on how well it works and if there is consistent, low latency response. It is preferable to be on a 50Mbps line with low latencies than a 100Mbps line with high, uncontrolled latencies.

The IQrouter is the only router to continually measure your Internet and adjust itself to maintain low-latency and quick responses.

Our customers continually tell us how transformational their IQrouters have been for them:

It’s not just speed. Quality counts too.
I’ve evaluated & installed many routers & firewalls in my career: I’ve built them from scratch, I’ve troubleshot enterprise systems, and I’ve bought them off the shelf for my home use. I have to say this is the most intelligently thought-out home router I’ve ever come across.
This router optimizes everything in real time, and I strongly recommend it
— Andrew C.
Works great, solved my buffer bloat
The router helped clear up my bufferbloat. I can have netflix, facetime, and a steam game downloading, and still play with low ping.
— Alexander G.
If you are serious about your internet, you need this
Since I live in a town who has crappy dsl speeds 8 down/ .5 up, I needed all the help I can get to tame bufferbloat. Buffering was killing my streaming. It took a few days but since it has finished with the it’s initial calibration, I have not had one drop of dsl service. [..] You will not find another router like this from anyone that will fix your buffering issues like the IQROUTER!
— Kevin
Love it!
Works great, Fixed a lot of problems we were having with the internet
— Thomas G.
So far this has made a significant improvement to the quality of my broadband connection. Most noticeably on voip and streaming video applications.
— Amazon customer

Get quicker Internet with an IQrouter

You can check how responsive your current Internet is with our IQ test.