Video streaming that works 

All you need is a smart router that learns all about your line and streamlines the traffic to ensure everything works smoothly!

Buffering and pauses occur due to high latencies (lag times) typical routers allow to build up, causing interruptions in all kinds of Internet usage, but especially streaming, where consistent, low-latency exchanges with the streaming service are required.

The IQrouter is the first (and only) router to automatically measure your existing line speed and manage the traffic to ensure low-latency requests for any service. Just as importantly, it dynamically monitors and adjusts so even during peak periods, the traffic is managed and smooth. So no matter what else is going on in the household, all Internet traffic flows smoothly and reliably.

IQrouter lets you stream your videos and movies flawlessly.

Get your IQrouter directly from Evenroute today and start enjoying uninterrupted binge-watching sessions.