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Got a bad bufferbloat grade?

We can fix that!

With an IQrouter you automatically get an A and usable, low-latency internet throughout the day.

The IQrouter is the only router to dynamically adapt to your line without any user input. Super-easy to setup, even non-technical users are up and running in minutes.

Bloat is what kills so many of the user experiences, such as poor VoIP calls, streaming that pauses and laggy gaming. Continuous-flow sites like Facebook are impacted with pictures that don’t load or videos that can’t start.

ISP-supplied routers and most third-party routers don’t bother to deal with this, but it is a huge impact on your experience. In some cases the lag is measured in seconds!

Getting rid of the lag radically speeds up your user-experience. With an IQrouter, lag drops to a few milliseconds over baseline latency in the line. That means your stuff will just work, faster!

Beat the bloat. Get your IQrouter now.

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Some of our rave reviews:

IQrouter has 76 times less latency under load than average

"Works like a charm – Works like a charm. It will set the ideal speed to work with depending on your modem and infrastructure. Bufferbloat reduced and way better. I think it's worth it if you are having too many issues with other routers, etc." – F. Mata

"This has saved my sanity.  – This has saved my life. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. But it has saved my work-from-home life.
I live in the sticks. The Internet service here consists of standing on my roof with a tin can and a string. The latency and bufferbloat were so bad that I basically could not work, especially over VPN despite having, in theory 5Mbps service. It's really more like 3Mbps, which was still, on paper, better than my previous service at 2Mbps. So, why couldn't I use my service???
I studied up and discovered bufferbloat and had an epiphany. I took a shot at this router in the desperate hope this would un-... well....fix my service enough that I could work.
It did. The difference is ridiculous. It's not perfect, by any means, and there are fancier, more expensive routers that may provide somewhat better performance. But for the price, and the improvement relative to that, this is a big winner. I really didn't want to shell out $500 for something fancier. Especially when I need to add about $600 + installation for a cell phone signal booster. Did I mention I live in the sticks? And pretty much in a forest.
I scrounged up a speed test online that tested for bufferbloat, and my service failed miserably. If you are having issues that you think may be due to buffer bloat, this is worth a shot. It does a pretty good job of managing traffic. I can use my corporate VPN with decent to good performance, and it made a big difference for streaming Netflix, too. My connection still bogs down if I throw more than one or two devices on it, and you really do want to use a wired connection whenever you can. Adding a wireless device on top will slog your performance. Wireless traffic will usually take precedence and kill your ethernet connection speed. In other words, I can use my computer great now, but if I connect my phone to the wireless at the same time... Ugh. I use a mobile hotspot (Verizon JetPack) and have a land line to help offload the connection. So, again, it's not magic, but enabled me to kludge together some miscellaneous approaches to get my Internet service to be usable.
No claim to being an expert on this stuff, but this thing has saved my bacon." – T. Graydon

I have a 15Mbps DSL line that sags every evening down to 2mbps, the ISP device had constant bloat, always an F rating. With my IQrouter, I get A’s all day long, and I can even stream on two devices during the evenings! It is a night and day improvement, thanks!
— Steve C.