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Got a bad bufferbloat grade?

We can fix that!

With an IQrouter you automatically get an A and usable, low-latency internet throughout the day.

The IQrouter is the only router to dynamically adapt to your line without any user input. Super-easy to setup, even non-technical users are up and running in minutes.

Bloat is what kills so many of the user experiences, such as poor VoIP calls, streaming that pauses and laggy gaming. Continuous-flow sites like Facebook are impacted with pictures that don’t load or videos that can’t start.

ISP-supplied routers and most third-party routers don’t bother to deal with this, but it is a huge impact on your experience. In some cases the lag is measured in seconds!

Getting rid of the lag radically speeds up your user-experience. With an IQrouter, lag drops to a few milliseconds over baseline latency in the line. That means your stuff will just work, faster!

Beat the bloat. Get your IQrouter now.

IQrouter has 76 times less latency under load than average
I have a 15Mbps DSL line that sags every evening down to 2mbps, the ISP device had constant bloat, always an F rating. With my IQrouter, I get A’s all day long, and I can even stream on two devices during the evenings! It is a night and day improvement, thanks!
— Steve C.